What Does Medical Malpractice Insurance Cover?

While your primary concern as a healthcare professional is to deliver the best patient care, it’s important to have a safety net in place should anything ever go wrong.

No healthcare professional is exempt from receiving medical malpractice claims, after all. Even the most skilled and highly experienced medical professionals could receive them at any point.

All regulated healthcare professionals are also required to have some form of medical malpractice indemnity as per the Health Care and Associated Professionals Order 2014.1 This is to serve as a safety net should healthcare professionals ever receive a claim for medical malpractice.

In this blog post, we delve into medical malpractice indemnity, detailing what it covers and why having it could benefit you.

Whether you’re newly trained or highly experienced, understanding the importance of medical indemnity coverage is vital. So discover all you need to know about medical malpractice indemnity with THEMIS.

What is medical malpractice indemnity?

Medical malpractice indemnity is a professional liability insurance designed to protect medical professionals against malpractice claims. This insurance shields you from the financial expenses needed when facing a malpractice lawsuit.

Having the correct medical malpractice indemnity policy in place also allows you to focus on delivering healthcare excellence to patients without fearing costly malpractice suits, offering complete peace of mind.

At THEMIS, we understand the importance of medical malpractice indemnity better than most.

As a leading medical indemnity solutions provider ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the unique risks healthcare professionals face. That’s why we tailor each of our comprehensive medical indemnity policies to meet your specific role and responsibilities.2

Why have medical malpractice indemnity?

Medical malpractice indemnity is more than an insurance plan – it’s a vital part of your risk management strategy.

At THEMIS, our specialised indemnity covers malpractice claims and protects you from the financial and reputational risks associated with medical errors or adverse patient outcomes.2

Advances in medical technology and increasing patient awareness have created more healthcare litigation challenges in recent years, making medical professionals more vulnerable.

Claims can arise from various scenarios, from misdiagnosis and medication mistakes to human error. The legal process of defending against malpractice claims can also be lengthy and costly, making comprehensive medical indemnity coverage vital.3,4

When facing a malpractice claim, we will handle this on your behalf with excellent care and reliability. Unlike discretionary policies, our contractual indemnity provides a clear, legally binding commitment of coverage to provide you with extra peace of mind.

Our approach to indemnity coverage addresses discretionary refusal policies’ limitations by offering dependable protection through contractual indemnity.

When you choose THEMIS, you can mitigate the risks associated with malpractice claims and focus on delivering care to your patients.

What does medical malpractice indemnity cover?

While each provider’s policy terms may differ, our coverage is comprehensive and designed to offer extensive protection from numerous risks. For example, our policies cover: Medical malpractice We cover claims of clinical negligence, including any associated defence costs. This protection safeguards you from the financial repercussions of medical malpractice allegations.

Medico-legal indemnity Our medico-legal indemnity covers claims arising from the accuracy of your prepared medico-legal opinions and includes defence costs.

Good Samaritan acts We offer medical indemnity coverage for any treatment administered outside a regular work setting to protect you even while performing emergency care informally.

Regulatory protection You may face court orders, hearings and investigations from regulatory bodies during a malpractice claim. However, our policy covers the cost so you can maintain your finances and professional standing.

Indemnity reinstatement If a medical malpractice claim exhausts the indemnity limit, we’ll reinstate it.

Run-off cover Our indemnity covers you for after you cease practising. This extended coverage period protects against claims even when you’re no longer practising.

Inquest protection If faced with the unfortunate death of a patient, we’ll cover the costs to prepare a response to the coroner and representation at any subsequent inquiries.

Medico-legal helpline You can access a medico-legal helpline for advice on everyday issues like complaints so you can address concerns quickly.

Medical manslaughter protection We cover the costs associated with representing practitioners in clinical or gross negligence manslaughter prosecutions. This cover is essential when facing severe allegations that affect your career.

Reputation crisis management If a public incident damages your reputation and leads to a clinical negligence claim, we cover the PR and legal costs needed for crisis management.

Data liability protection We cover defence costs, regulatory fines and sums that need to be paid in Data Protection Act 2018 breaches. We’ll help you comply with data protection regulations and minimise risks wherever possible.

MedSurgical assistant cover This cover is specifically for surgical assistants and protects them if facing legal action.

With our comprehensive coverage, you’re well protected against medical malpractice suits and more.

The benefits of medical malpractice indemnity with THEMIS

Medical malpractice indemnity has many benefits and can do a lot more than simply cover the costs of any legal fees.

Some of the main benefits associated with medical malpractice indemnity include:

  • Guaranteed cover: You can feel confident that you have all the cover and support you need always should you face a malpractice claim.
  • Expert support: We were built by Industry experts, so you know you are benefitting from protection that works, and you can trust.
  • Intelligent underwriting: Our specialist medical malpractice underwriters help us minimise claims and ensure our pricing truly reflects your risk as a medical professional.
  • A strong defence: Our trusted defence team deals with everything in-house, providing confidential, comprehensive support.

When you choose THEMIS for your medical malpractice indemnity cover, you know you’re receiving comprehensive, personalised support.

Discover pioneering medical malpractice indemnity

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, safeguarding your reputation and finances from medical malpractice claims is essential. At THEMIS, we offer unparalleled medical indemnity coverage and support, to fully protect you against any risks associated with your career.

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