Delivering truly specialist indemnity for the healthcare sector.

Creating a Safer Clinical World

THEMIS is a specialised healthcare indemnity company born from the collaboration of industry experts in claims, underwriting, and technology. Recognizing a gap that left healthcare professionals and patients vulnerable, THEMIS’s founders created an unmatched insurance product specifically for the healthcare sector. Our comprehensive coverage and expert support teams ensure top-notch assistance when needed. While we may not always be the cheapest option, our investment in quality means you can trust that our policies are among the best in the market.

We are not your average indemnity provider. Scroll down to learn more about our approach, beliefs, and innovations in healthcare insurance.

Our History


  • THEMIS was first conceptualised in 2017, when it was first recognised that discretionary indemnity was the accepted ‘go-to’ for the healthcare profession seeking indemnity, and there was a significant lack of specialist contractual, regulated alternatives. As a result, the market was left exposed, and a contractual specialist product was needed.

  • Work on creating the product started in earnest in 2017, with customised underwriting engines being built, bespoke comprehensive policies being drafted, and defence teams created, all to ensure that the THEMIS product provided a truly specialist offering to the market.


  • THEMIS was officially launched in 2018 to select disciplines, enabling THEMIS’s new underwriting technologies and novel claims management strategies to be tested in real-world scenarios.

  • With the success of THEMIS’s technologies, THEMIS launched to all medical specialties.


  • In 2024, THEMIS launched its offering to private hospitals. Offering a suite of add-ons to help promote safe practice, such as medical records technologies, consenting software, and risk analysis tools.

  • THEMIS continues to grow year on year, developing a sustainable premium portfolio of healthcare professionals and providers, who as a result of their THEMIS indemnity, benefit from truly specialist, comprehensive protection.

Our Beliefs and Aims

We aim to provide truly specialist contractual cover, at an affordable premium, to safely practising healthcare professionals and organisations. We believe that:

  1. Contractual cover is the future.

    We believe that indemnity for healthcare clinicians should be contractual, and regulated, not discretionary. This ensures that everyone knows what is and is not covered and clinicians and patients can proceed with certainty, knowing where and when a policy responds, and that compensation can be paid.

    How we achieve this: By only offering contractual policies, healthcare professionals can take comfort knowing they have comprehensive cover that responds effectively in the event of a claim.

  2. Premiums need to be better calculated.

    We have witnessed volatility in premiums in the market, and those which in our view are completely disproportionate to the risk being insured resulting in individuals paying far lower or higher than they should. This is often because an insurer has a lack of understanding or data around the clinical area being insured.

    How we achieve this: By using our AI date driven underwriting engines, combined with the specialist knowledge from our experienced underwriting team, we can price risk with pin-point accuracy releasing stable premiums that reflect the risk being insured, and are less likely to fluctuate. This helps ensure private practise is more accessible, and sustainable for clinicians and by increasing the number of safe clinicians in the market, this can improve patient safety and healthcare standards.

  3. Budget products and premiums aren't the answer.

    We appreciate price is important, however when building the THEMIS product we accepted we were not looking to create the cheapest or a budget option. As a result, we accepted quality came with a price and did not cut any corners in the level of protection we wanted to offer.

    How we achieve this: We only offer uncompromised, comprehensive cover capable of truly protecting the reputations of those we insure. Whilst we may not always be the cheapest option, our insured can relax knowing they are protected by extremely robust comprehensive cover that will protect their reputation fiercely in the event of a claim.

The synergy of our product

Typically, a high quality product attracts a significant premium. However, by carrying out comprehensive risk assessment through our underwriting model, we can ensure we only provide our product to clinicians who practise safely. Also, by controlling the claims process, we can swiftly settle claims which present a genuine risk to our insured, and robustly those which clearly have no merit. This helps us reduce our claims exposure, and provide a comprehensive offering, all at a competitive price.

Our Underwriting Approach

Eleanor Tomlin, Director of Underwriting

Our underwriting approach is like no other. It allows us to accurately identify safely practising clinicians and offer a truly competitive premium for our comprehensive and robust indemnity product. Our approach helps ensure pricing for indemnity is in line with both the risk being insured, and the quality of the product we provide.

Eleanor Tomlin, Director of Underwriting

THEMIS operates on an industry first for medical malpractice; an AI powered underwriting engine which draws on the largest known data source of global medical malpractice claims, all supported and run by highly experienced specialist medical malpractice underwriters.

We understand the power of data, and recognise that compensation values in clinical negligence claims can vary enormously from discipline to discipline, subspeciality to subspecialty and even at a lower treatment and procedure level. By leveraging the power of data as our fingertips, we can ensure that every applicant is priced precisely according to their risk, with no risk of under or over pricing.

In addition to harnessing the power of data, all our underwriters are super specialist in medical malpractice, and have years of exposure dealing with a huge range of medical malpractice matters. They are able to easily ask the right questions, understand data implications and risk assess applicants alongside our data driven model.

By combining the power of our AI data driven underwriting engine, with the expertise of our underwriters, THEMIS can fairly price a risk with pin-point accuracy.

Our approach is in line with THEMIS’s aim when it was established – to ensure comprehensive indemnity was not cost prohibitive for those in, or looking to go into private practice. We believe that by providing cost effective indemnity, we can encourage safely practising clinicians to enter and work in private practice, which ultimately improves patient safety and healthcare standards.

Our Approach to Policies and Wording

Our policies are custom-built to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach in healthcare indemnity.

We ensure our policies are easy to navigate and understand, achieved through meticulously custom writing them. When applying for cover, it’s simple to select exactly what you need, so you don’t pay for unnecessary coverage or miss essential protection.

THEMIS offers comprehensive coverage with expert teams ready to assist when needed. Tailor your cover now or talk to us to discuss your new THEMIS policy.

Our Claims Management Approach

Jenny Hughes, THEMIS Claims and Legal Services Manager

When choosing your indemnity provider, it’s not just the premium, or what’s covered by your policy wording that’s important, it’s about the quality of the team defending you in the event of a claim. We are proud of our reputation of offering exceptional service to our insured when they need us.

Jenny Hughes, THEMIS Claims and Legal Services Manager

Defending claims is in our DNA and we are proud of our reputation of successfully defending our insured.

In addition to providing comprehensive, contractual cover we provide our insured with what we believe is the most specialised defence team possible, ready and able to defend you should you need us. Our approach has earned us a strong reputation amongst our insured, who have needed to use our defence services.

Often the strength of an insurer’s defence team is overlooked when choosing a policy, with price being the main motivator for choosing an insurance policy. With THEMIS, we built and priced the product around the need to have what we see as the best defence team possible on standby, ready to assist. As a result, our defence is uncompromised. Learn more about our claims management approach here (link to claims page).

George Maughan, Director of Private Client Relations

Our Customer Service

Customer care is at the heart of who we are. We are committed to providing our existing clients, and anyone looking to switch to us with nothing short of exceptional service. All our customer care team undergo extensive training in not only our product, but also the market generally ensuring that no matter who you speak to at THEMIS, we understand you and your risk.

At all times, we treat all our customers fairly, going above and beyond the principles set out by the Financial Conduct Authority, including the newly released Consumer Duty.