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Defence team

Built by true industry experts, THEMIS has changed clinical indemnity for good. No more discretionary refusal, only comprehensive clearly worded policies supported by a super-specialist claims team, all for a premium driven by real-time claims data.

We are ushering in the new world of indemnity. Specialist, but this time contractual. This is indemnity as it should be.

Jenny Hughes, THEMIS Claims and Legal Services Manager

When choosing your indemnity provider, it’s not just the premium, or what’s covered by your policy wording that’s important, it’s about the quality of the team defending you in the event of a claim. We are proud of our reputation of offering exceptional service to our insured when they need us.

Jenny Hughes, THEMIS Claims and Legal Services Manager
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A proud reputation of successfully defending our insured.

In addition to providing comprehensive, contractual cover we provide our insured with what we believe we have created the most specialist defence team possible, ready and able to defend you should you need us. Our approach has earned us a strong reputation amongst our insured, who have needed to use our defence services.

Mr Michael Savvas, Consultant Gynaecologist at Kings College NHS Trust

Doctors typically enter the profession because they’re motivated to help people. Having a complaint made against you can be incredibly stressful. THEMIS make the process simple. Their in-house defence teams are approachable, friendly and always available when you need them.

Mr Michael Savvas Consultant Gynaecologist at Kings College NHS Trust
Mr Barry Paraskeva, Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon Imperial NHS Trust

I have never had to use my indemnity, in all my years of practise. Having called THEMIS to help me recently, they were very quick to respond and managed to help me get the issue resolved without any fuss.

Mr Barry Paraskeva Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon Imperial NHS Trust
Helen French, Sonographer Southeast Ultrasound

You need to know that when you need help from your insurer, their defence team reacts quickly to give you the support you need so you can confidently navigate a range of unexpected issues you may face working in the healthcare sector. THEMIS provide exactly that.

Helen French Sonographer Southeast Ultrasound
Jason Bernard, Consultant Spinal Surgeon

With expert advice always on hand, a lower premium than any Defence Union and insurance backed cover to escape from the risk of Discretionary Cover, in the end it was not a difficult decision to move to THEMIS.

Jason Bernard Consultant Spinal Surgeon

Why Rely on Us?

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    A specialist product, developed by industry experts

    THEMIS was built by industry experts, who in addition to creating a super-comprehensive indemnity product, also created an extremely experienced specialist claims team ready to provide support when needed.

    The combination of comprehensive policy wording, and a super-specialist claims team ensures that healthcare professionals can buy a product they can truly rely on.

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    An in-house defence team exclusively protecting THEMIS insured

    We will never outsource your claim to a third party, or make it hard to reach us. You can always reach THEMIS’s claims team and speak to your dedicated claims manager, who will be able to update you on the status of a claim and will be able to handhold you every step of the way.

    All our claims handlers are super-specialised in healthcare litigation and regulatory matters, and support you through what is often an extremely stressful period of time, working tirelessly to help resolve matters as soon as possible for you.

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    We invest in comprehensive early investigations

    Unlike some insurance organisations who believe it is best to wait for a claim to progress before investing too much in investigations, we believe that investment into early investigation is key to early resolution.

    For example, we invest in instructing exactly the right specialist experts from the outset (ensuring we understand any breach of duty and causation issues) and carefully analyse the patient’s medical records to understand what has happened, enabling us to take an informed decision on the case as soon as possible.

    Our approach allows us to know with confidence at an early stage whether a case is defendable, or not. Where a case is defendable, we will do everything we can to protect your reputation, and ensure the claim is withdrawn. Where we identify vulnerabilities, we will try to settle at the earliest possible opportunity – not only minimising the ongoing stress for yourself, but also ensuring a patient can receive compensation as soon as possible.

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    Access to leading expert evidence providers

    We have a partnership with TMLEP, one of the world’s leading providers of medical evidence. This ensures we have access to unrivalled independent expertise from all medical specialisms across the globe, so we can accurately assess a claim and confidently discuss the next best steps.

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    Access to leading legal counsel

    In addition to our own super specialised in-house legal expertise, if we need to call on external legal input (from barristers, costs lawyers, or specialist legal counsel), we have relationships with leading healthcare chambers and law firms to ensure that for highly complex matters, we can assemble a team to ensure our insured benefit from the best possible legal representation.

George Maughan, Director of Private Client Relations

If you are not already insured with us, and want to experience a new level of protection, get your quote today.

George Maughan, Director of Private Client Relations
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