Themis Welcomes Margot Northeast to Lead its Corporate Indemnity Division

Themis Clinical Defence is thrilled to announce the appointment of Margot Northeast as the new Head of Corporate Indemnity. Joining the team from January 2024, Margot will spearhead the expansion of Themis’s corporate indemnity offerings, focusing on providing comprehensive solutions to hospitals. This strategic move aligns with Themis’s vision of broadening its reach beyond individual practitioners, thereby reinforcing its position as a leader in the medical indemnity sector.

Margot Northeast brings over a decade of invaluable experience from the UK medical sector. Her extensive background, coupled with a rich network of professional connections, positions her ideally to lead Themis’s corporate indemnity division. Margot’s expertise will be instrumental in enhancing the company’s product portfolio, which includes innovative indemnity products backed by super-specialist defence teams and an array of additional perks aimed at improving patient safety. These include clinical risk alerts and the inclusion of TitanEMR, a state-of-the-art electronic medical records system, as a complimentary feature for all policyholders. This holistic approach underlines Themis’s commitment to advancing healthcare quality and safety standards.

Margot’s appointment marks a significant milestone in Themis’s journey towards providing comprehensive, industry-leading indemnity solutions to drive significant advancements in the way hospitals manage their indemnity, ensuring they are equipped with the best tools and support to deliver exceptional care, whilst managing and defending claims appropriately.

For more information or to schedule a meeting to explore Themis’s corporate indemnity offerings, please reach out to her directly at [email protected].

About Themis Clinical Defence: Themis Clinical Defence is a leading provider of medical indemnity, known for its innovative products and services tailored to the unique needs of healthcare practitioners and institutions. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on client-centric services, Themis is dedicated to enhancing patient safety and healthcare standards through its comprehensive indemnity solutions.

Contact Information: Margot Northeast Head of Corporate Indemnity

Email: [email protected]