Helping to improve clinical risk, reduce litigation risk and improve healthcare standards.

Helping Manage Clinical Risk, Reduce Litigation Risk and Improve Healthcare Standards

Our latest clinical risk alerts are based on advanced claims intelligence provided by our Lead Clinical Partner, TMLEP. These are provided to all our policyholders to help keep clinical practice reactive to emerging clinical risk trends, ensuring we can help create a safer clinical world. Please feel free to browse a selection of our recent alerts below.


Understanding the Neurological Complications of Sepsis

This clinical risk alert from our lead clinical partners, TMLEP, explores the understanding behind the neurological complications of Sepsis. Sepsis can lead to a range of complications, most critically it is commonly fatal, particularly if the diagnosis is delayed, or in patients with other significant health problems.

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Spinal Surgery

Spinal Fusion Surgery – Consultations and Informed Consent

This case study, by our lead clinical partner TMLEP, highlights that clinicians need to ensure patients are clearly aware of the pros and cons of undergoing surgery and any non-surgical alternatives available. It is imperative that the consultation is well-documented, legible, and truthfully reflects what was discussed before the patient consents to treatment.

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Preventing Teenage Death

Preventing Teenage Death due to Misdiagnosed Infection

This is a case, from our lead clinical partner, TMLEP, where a teenager presented with clinically significant and ominous features of an underlying infection that required urgent treatment.

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Medical Malpractice Indemnity

Paramedic Awareness: The risk of not adhering to procedures when determining life extinct

As determined by the British Medical Association, a Paramedic has the responsibility to confirm deaths within the community. The Recognition of Life Extinct (ROLE) protocol provides guidance for Paramedics on the holistic aspects of cardiac arrest management.   

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Post Operative

The Risk of Unrecognised Post-Operative Haematoma

In this clinical risk update, our lead clinical partner, TMLEP, highlights the importance of clear post operative instructions.

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Sonographer Medical Malpractice Indemnity Insurance

Reducing the Risk of Litigation When Providing Ultrasound Services Under an SLA or AQP Arrangement

It is vital private ultrasound providers have up-to-date, clear and definitive SLA agreements with GPs, ensuring the risk of litigation is minimised.

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Mr Charles Willis-Owen BM BCh MA (Hons Oxon) MFSEM (UK) FRCS (Tr & Orth), Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Enhancing Risk Management for Policyholders

By offering policyholders complimentary access to the very latest healthcare analytics updates from TMLEP, policyholders are kept up to date with access to clinical risk alerts that may impact their practice. As a THEMIS policyholder, this keeps clinical practice responsive to emerging trends that could lead to claims.

Mr Charles Willis-Owen BM BCh MA (Hons Oxon) MFSEM (UK) FRCS (Tr & Orth), Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Royal Bournemouth Hospital